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Here at the Dental Hygienist Salary and Career Center we have one simple goal: to provide you with the resources you need to best prepare yourself to embark on an exciting career as a dental hygienist. While many individuals are drawn to this career because of the outstanding dental hygienist salary, there are many other facets of this role which can provide a gratifying career experience.

If you’ve had the opportunity to speak with a practicing dental hygienist, you’ve very likely already heard that this field can provide a terrific lifestyle while at the same time offering an individual many opportunities to have a direct impact on the quality of life of their patients each and every day. While the dental hygienist holds many clinical responsibilities directly related to the patient treatment process, they also play a key role in educating patients on proper dental hygiene techniques.

The role of the dental hygienist has become a cornerstone within the operations of nearly any dental practice, regardless of size, and as such, there are typically openings available in all areas and regions of the country. The dental hygienist is also employed in a wide variety of health care settings. While many individuals will be employed in private dental practices, the position is also employed within nursing home facilities, health clinics, many schools and universities, correctional facilities, and even in research institutions. While the dental hygienist salary can vary widely depending on the employment setting, the range of options for finding employment can ensure that an individual is able to find a position that matches their unique skills and interests, while at the same time providing ample career advancement opportunities.

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