Dental Hygienist Salary

The Dental Hygienist Salary and Required Duties

Are you looking to obtain work as a dental hygienist and want to know more about the nature of the work as well as the dental hygienist salary? Dental hygienists perform a number of duties. They work with patients on oral hygiene, remove deposits from the teeth and perform other preventative tasks. Gums and teeth will be examined during this process to record any abnormalities or diseases. In some states, the hygienist may also administer an anesthetic, apply treatments designed to prevent cavities and take x-rays among other tasks.

Dental Hygienist SalaryAn assortment of tools are used to perform the duties of a dental hygienist. Ultrasonic devices or rotary and hand tools may be used to clean and polish the teeth. The purpose of this is to remove any stains, plaque and tartar. X-ray machine are used by some and the hygienist may be responsible for developing the film. To explain oral hygiene to patients, models of the teeth may be used. Often a dental hygienist will be responsible for administering anesthetics through a syringe. The tools used in this profession vary from state to state.

The working environment for a dental hygienist often consists of an office which is well-lit. Not only will the hygienist be required to wear protective devices when working with patients, but also when using radiological machines. Safety glasses, gloves and surgical masks are just a few of these devices. Others may be required depending on the tasks being performed. Many hygienists are able to work hours that allow them to accommodate other things in their schedule. Many work part-time and some dentists now offer evening and weekend hours which hygienists have the opportunity to volunteer for.

A dental hygienist will rarely have the same day twice. As each patient has different needs, the hygienist will constantly be switching between tasks which is great for those who like some variety in their work. The dental hygienist salary will reflect the tasks being handled and the nature of the work will also reflect this. Take this into consideration when deciding whether this is the career for you. If you like new challenges though, this may be the perfect job and the dental hygienist salary can be very rewarding.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a dental hygienist and earning a dental hygienist salary, here is a great video in which Jane Baum explains a little bit about how to get started in the profession:

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